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At times, you might want to generate a random password for each user. Very simple! The following is about the simplest function in laravel which is how to generate random password in laravel. Then hash

  • First we will see how to generate random string.
  • Then how to hash it.

How to generate random string

For this, Laravel has a variety of global “helper” PHP functions. One of these functions are str_random($length).

For Example,

$randString = str_random(10);

This will give you a random 10 digit string like the following:


How To Hash

Finally, how can we hash the randomly generated strings. Hashing a string in laravel has been made too easy. Laravel has as secure Bcrypt hashing. It is found in laravel Hash facade. Here is how to use:

Before all don’t forget to import Hash 

use Illuminate\Support\Facades\Hash;

Then hash the randomly generated string like this:

$hashedString = Hash::make($randString);

This will generate something like the following:


As a plus, What if you want to check a string may be a password against a hash. Also this is very simple. Just do it as follows using the check function:

$result = Hash::check('your string', $hashedString)

The check function verifies that whether a given string corresponds to a given hash or not.

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